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March 22, 2015

Trading Options for both Business and Capital Growth

Many that want to trade in futures and options have a few concerns prior to getting started.

– How do I know when to trade.  Either buying in or selling.

– How much do I stand to risk

– But also on the flip side “what are my potential gains?”

– How much do I have to put up to be able to trade options?

– Are there platforms which I can learn from prior to having to put up the money?

– What kind of options should one start trading first?

– How difficult is it to learn?

And even some that have many years of trading under their belt find themselves wanting a solid review of the market basics.

Not only of the trading fundamentals such as when to enter a trade or when to sell.  But also the mind set one has to have in order to become a strong and consistent trader.

You learn to trade with Confidence and rationality. To help maximize the ROI for your business.

Sometimes a little emotion called “Greed” sticks up its ugly head when you least expect it to mess things up.  Especially after a long cycle of great wins.

Then on the flip side if you have not had the wins you thought you should have had you tend to lose the confidence necessary to make the objective trades you learned previously.

Trading in the market contains both the mathematical and psychological components to successful systems and strategies.  The mathematical component primarily dealing with determining the probabilities of the current cycle and the potential of change or continuation of a trend.

The psychological component to determine and be cognizant both the market sentiment, the volatility of the market, and your own propensity of dealing with the fear of winning or losing plus that of greed.

Throughout the site you will be introduced to trading systems.  It is recommended to pick one and become proficient at it first.  To solidly ground your basics, knowledge and subsequent intuition in one system prior to moving onto another.

The major benefits of doing this is you are then armed with and have proven to yourself the trading strategies that work.  That work for both a steady monthly income and those strategies that work for capital growth.

Here you will be given an opportunity to first get your introduction to the training courses through 7 complimentary lessons.  Where you will learn by walking through real time trades as they happened.

You will discover:

– how to manage your losses

– the main 4 risks you will face in the market

– how work to your advantage information provided by the market Greeks

– Closing out your profits

– Expiration week and what factors put you at the greatest risk

– together with a strategy to helped smooth out the peaks and valleys of trading for long term sustainability and growth that has lasted over 20 years.

Plus you will be introduced to TD Ameratrade’s  Think or Swim platform which allows you to paper trade to learn your basics prior to putting up your own money first.  And it also allows you to test strategies after you start trading without putting funds at risk.

That said all experienced traders will say that you really do not understand trading – its dynamics, persona, how you will truly react under the varying opportunities of either buying or selling until you have skin in the game.  Your coin on the line to win or lose.

But with the good platforms such as Think or Swim the data and formats available to you through the platform are priceless in providing the data necessary to develop and work your systems and strategies.